About Us - We created EclipseVPN,  vpn based on openvpn technology to grant all Iranians inside Iran uncensored access to the internet.

We are tired of Internet censorship and filtering in our country, Iran! Tired of slow speeds and high prices, so we created EclipseVPN to grant all Iranians inside Iran, what most all over the free world take for granted, uncensored access to the World Wide Web.

We are currently introducing our first offering, an EclipseVPN product based on OpenVPN, as described in the “Our Products” section. Our team will tirelessly continue our efforts to improve our product and stay ahead of the filtering and censorship efforts and bring users in Iran free, secure and uncensored access to the World Wide Web.

Your comments, suggestions, questions and sentiments are important to us and are without a doubt the best way for us to provide you with better products as well as help us reach our goal of giving you access to an open Internet.

Please help us by sharing your critiques as well as current Internet access conditions in Iran. You can reach us by sending a message to info@eclipsevpn.com

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