EclipseVPN Phases for Android 5 and above

v3.0.1: Version 3.0.1, was released on September 23, 2022 with the following new features:

⦁ Bug fixes for Android 6 and under.

v3.0.0: Version 3.0.0, was released on September 13, 2022 with the following new features:

⦁ Submit Bug Report: allows users to report problems and request
troubleshooting support.

⦁ Social Media links added to Settings page.

v2.0.6: Version 2.0.6, was released on March 14, 2022 with the following new features:

⦁ Incompatibilities with Android 11 and 12 have been resolved.

⦁ Bug fixes.

v2.0.5: Version 2.0.5, was released on December 14, 2021 with the following new features:

⦁ Incompatibilities with Android 11 and 12 have been resolved.

v2.0.4: Version 2.0.4, was released on November 24, 2021 with the following new features:

⦁ Frankfurt Germany has been added as a new VPN exit point.
⦁ Bug fixes.

v2.0.0: Version 2.0.0, was released on September 29, 2020 with the following new features:

⦁ Support for Farsi language- the users can now choose English or Farsi as the app language.
⦁ Support for Local Proxy apps (i.e., Shadowsocks, Orbot, Proxy Tigle, etc.).
⦁ Help icons for Split Tunnel, Proxy Setting, and Local Proxy Selection pages.
⦁ Troubleshooting Guide.

v1.0.1: Version 1.0.1 was published on June 19, 2020. This version is an update to the last version in order to fix null context bugs.

v1.0.0: Version 1.0.0, Version Code 4 was released on May 27, 2020 with the following new features:
⦁ Split-Tunnel: Allows users to select which applications on their device can bypass the VPN tunnel.
⦁ Always ON: Android 7 and above users can leverage Android’s “Always ON” feature which further protects the user by ensuring the VPN is started and remains ON every time the device is started.
⦁ Block Connections Without VPN: Users of Android 8 and above can leverage Android’s “Block Connections Without VPN” feature. This feature acts as a “Kill Switch” and protects the user by blocking connections in case the VPN tunnel is inadvertently disconnected.
Note: This feature is incompatible with Split-Tunneling.
⦁ With v1.0.0 the user has the option of starting the VPN either via the VPN app or the device settings menu.

Version 1.0.0 also features a new app settings menu:

There have been a few changes in where functions are located:

About, Check for Updates, and Version are now under Settings/General.
Kill Switch, Proxy Switch, and Split Tunnel Switch are now under VPN/Settings.

v0.4: On April 12 2020, EclipseVPN was made available on the Google Play Store. Now users can take advantage of the convenience and security of downloading the app from the Google Play Store directly on to their Android device and follow Google Play Store to manage all future updates and upgrades.

v0.3: ٰVersion 0.3 was released on March 2, 2020. This release built upon v0.2 and added a new set of servers in another country as well as a second geographic exit point providing more flexibility and higher available bandwidth to our users.

v0.2 with Proxy: In February 2020, v0.2 was released for Android phones. The capability to configure proxies on the app which significantly enhances the circumvention capabilities of the VPN was added.

v0.1: v0.1 is an OpenVPN app for Android phones, utilizing UDP and TCP protocols, TLS key exchange, AES 256-bit encryption, and a single country exit point.

Kill Switch: v0.1 utilizes “Internet Kill Switch” technology to ensure users’ true IP address and geographic location remains obscured at all times. This system continuously monitors the state of the user’s connection and in case of a change, like a VPN drop, it will protect the user by completely disconnecting the user’s connection to the Internet.

Future phases:

OpenVPN protocol for iOS phones and Windows computers

New VPN protocols such as SSL, IPSEC etc.

Additional geographic exit points