Instructions Eclipse VPN

Always-on VPN

“Always-on VPN”, a feature available on Android 7 and above, ensures the VPN device is automatically started when the device is powered on and remains running while the device is on.

1- Go to “Settings”, then “Network & Internet” page on your device and click on “VPN”.

2. On the “VPN” page click on “EclipseVPN”. You will be taken to the VPN app home screen. Click on the gear icon next to EclipseVPN.

Note: If the VPN is already connected, you will be prompted to first disconnect the VPN connection.

3. Slide the “Always-on VPN” button to the right to enable this feature. Screenshots from Android 8+ shown below.

– If the VPN is not connected, enabling “Always-on VPN” will connect the VPN (A region must have been previously selected in the VPN configuration for the VPN to start).

If “Always-on VPN” is disabled while the VPN is connected, the VPN will be disconnected.