Instructions Eclipse VPN

Block Connections Without VPN

“Block connections without VPN”, a feature available on Android 8 and above, acts as a “Kill Switch” and protects the user by blocking connections in case the VPN tunnel is inadvertently disconnected. This feature is in addition to the “Kill Switch” feature incorporated into the VPN app itself.
Note: This feature is incompatible with Split-Tunneling.

1- Go to “Settings”, then “Network & Internet” page on your device and click on “VPN”.

2. On the “VPN” page click on “EclipseVPN”. You will be taken to the VPN app home screen. Click on the gear icon next to EclipseVPN.

3. Slide the “Block connections without VPN” button to the right to enable this feature.Note: To activate this feature, the “Always On-VPN” feature must also be enabled.

4. You will receive the message “Require VPN connection?”. Click on “TURN ON”