Instructions Eclipse VPN

In the event the Internet is slowed down or shut off, if you have access to a whitelisted proxy or a proxy that is not blocked, EclipseVPN gives you the option to forward all VPN traffic through that proxy server.

The app currently supports SOCKS4, SOCKS5, and HTTP proxies.

Please Note – The VPN must be disconnected to add, change or disable the proxy, and then reconnected to use. See below:

1. Make sure the VPN is disconnected

2. Add proxy, change proxy, or disable proxy

3. Connect VPN

Proxy Setup

1. Acquire your proxy server details: Hostname or IP address and port. (SOCKS5 proxies support simple username and password authentication).

2. Go to “Settings”

3. Slide the “Proxy Switch” to the right to enable this feature.

4. On the “Proxy Settings” page, select the “IP Address” or “Hostname” button, depending on the proxy information you have, and enter the proxy “IP Address” or “Hostname” and “Port”. (SOCKS5 proxies may require a username and password). Click “CONFIRM”.

If you require more information, click on the Help “?” icon.

5. You will see a “CHECKING PROXY CONNECTION” message. The app will automatically validate the information. This can take a maximum of 30 seconds.
If the information is correct it will be saved for future use. If you choose to abort the operation, you can click on “CANCEL PROXY CONFIRMATION”. If you leave this page before the validation is completed, the information will not be saved.

6. If the proxy validation is successful, you will automatically return to the “Settings” menu and the “Enable Proxy” button will switch to the “ON” position, and you will see a “Proxy enabled” message. All connections will now go through the proxy.
If you would like to connect to another proxy click on the “Proxy Settings” button and enter the new proxy information.


 7. To continue, you must now connect the VPN. Click the Back Arrow a the top of the page to take you back to the VPN connection screen.

The instructions for connecting your VPN can be found here:

Proxy enabled connection confirmed.

8. Disabling the proxy: To turn off the proxy, first disconnect the VPN, then go to “Settings” and slide the “Proxy Switch” button to the left.