Instructions Eclipse VPN

Split Tunnel

By default, traffic from all applications passes through the VPN Tunnel. The Split tunnel feature allows the users to select applications that do not use the VPN tunnel.

Note: This feature is not compatible with the “Block connections without VPN” feature.

1- Go to the “Settings” page. Slide the “Split Tunnel Switch” to the right to activate.

2. On the “Split Tunnel Settings” page, select the applications which you DO NOT want to be using the VPN Tunnel. Once you have made your selections click on the “Tick” icon on the top right of the screen. Note: In order to enable or disable Split Tunnel, the VPN must be first disconnected.

If you require more information on Split Tunneling, click on the Help “?” icon.

3. Once activated, Android 8 and above devices, users will receive the following notification message to ensure the “Block connections without VPN” feature is disabled. Split tunneling will not work while this feature is enabled.

4. Once the message has been acknowledged, you will be brought back to the “Settings” page.

5. The Split Tunnel configuration is complete, and you are ready to connect your VPN. Please refer to the VPN app connection or VPN connection with proxy instructions. Note Split Tunnel activation will be marked on the VPN connection screen:

6. If you want to disable or make modifications to the split tunnel while your VPN is connected, you must first disconnect the VPN.