Troubleshooting Guide for Android

List of the latest known/resolved issues:

Factors that could prevent your VPN from working

-EclipseVPN is designed for Android 5 and above.

-EclipseVPN is designed to only operate in Iran and with an Iranian IP address. If you travel outside Iran, EclipseVPN will no longer operate. If you are in Iran, make sure you are not using a proxy or another VPN that will alter the device’s IP address to another country.

-Please make sure your device is able to access the Internet. In the device settings page make sure Wifi/Mobile data is on. Then, check to make sure the Internet can be accessed using a web browser without using EclipseVPN.

-Please check if another VPN is already running on your device. If so, disable that VPN before activating EclipseVPN.

-If steps above don’t allow EclipseVPN to function, please try restarting your device.

Google Play Store

Error message: “This app is not available in your country”

EclipseVPN is made for Iranians inside Iran and can only be downloaded with an Iranian IP address from the Google Play Store.

Users may receive the above error message for the following reasons:

1- User is not in Iran.

2- User is in Iran but is using a proxy or VPN to access the Google Play Store which changes their IP address.

3- In rare cases the database used by Google may have errors and identify the user as being outside of Iran.

When attempting to download please ensure you are in Iran, do not  use a proxy or VPN to access the Google Play Store.
If the problem persists , restart your phone to allow it to get a new address from the provider. Refer to Instructions on the website on how to find the IP address of your phone:

Special Cases

Always-On VPN (Android 7+):

A region must be first selected within the EclipseVPN app before you can use the Always-On VPN feature on your device


-If you are getting the “Unable to connect to proxy – Please check your proxy settings and try again” message in the proxy settings screen, please make sure you are on the same network as your proxy server.

-If you want to connect to a local proxy app on your device (i.e. Shadowsocks etc.), please make sure your local proxy app is configured correctly and already connected before trying to connect to it in the EclipseVPN proxy settings page. In the Hostname or IP Address text field, please make sure to enter localhost or

Split Tunnel:

If you are using the split tunnel feature, but the apps that are excluded from the VPN are not making a connection, please make sure you do not have “Always block connections without VPN” enabled in your device’s setting menu. Note: Always block connections without VPN is available only on devices that use Android v8 and above.

Internet Sharing:

If you are connecting via Bluetooth Sharing/Mobile Hotspot, please make sure Internet sharing is activated on your host device.

Oppo Phones:

Normally if EclipseVPN is connected and the EclipseVPN app is terminated by the user or the system, the connection will persist. On Oppo ColorOS devices, shutting down the EclipseVPN app will disconnect the VPN due to restrictions on this device.

Known Affected Phones:

Oppo R11s, ColorOS v3.2, Android v7.1.1

Oppo AX5s, ColorOS v5.2.1, Android v8.1.0